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A self-working game by Katie Adams, in which cards are captured by turning a card that is not more than two away from the first card played.A version of Pyramid Solitaire played with Rook cards, by Jeffrey Jacobs.

An interesting but lengthy variation of 4-player call-partner Rook for dedicated players, invented at lifeFORCE and contributed by Luke Bunger.Define straights. straights synonyms, straights pronunciation,. Games A poker hand containing five cards of various suits in numerical sequence,.A two-player game by Michael Camarata in which players give each other cards.

A two player game by Thomas Gale: each player owns the three court cards of one suit, and supports each using numeral cards of the same suit.A four-player card game by Tuomas Korppi in which partners try to co-operate in discarding cards while keeping sets.A game by Malik Kadir in which players collect cards by using high cards to steal lower cards of the same suit from other players.A simple two-player draw and discard game by by Seth Garrison.

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A two-player game by Fred Blundun in which the object is to win tricks, but avoid tricks whose pip cards add up to 10.Pai universal, único, pai dos felizes mortais e imortais. Criastes, em particular, potências que são maravilhosamente semelhantes ao teu eterno pensamento e à tua.These two games, available as an iOS or Android app, are based on the popular games 28 and 56 from Kerala, India, but adapted to be played with special cards.

A Shithead variant invented while trekking the Nepalese Himalayas and contributed by Miguel Garvie.A betting game by Odo fitz Gilbert for 4 to 8 (or even 10) players, in which players choose in what order to play their cards and the pot is taken by an ace or joker.A cross between Hand and Foot and Go Fish, contributed by Kate and Jess.A cross between President and Big Two, played with a 78-card Tarot pack, contributed by Jared McComb.Uno variation by Mark Brown, using standard cards with some Magic the Gathering cards added.

Stoddard, in which chains of dominos are constructed such that the ends match dice rolls.A two-player positional game by Kymani, using two 52-card packs.A Go Fish variation invented and contributed by Jonny Groves.A variation of Switch (British equivalent of Crazy Eights), contributed by David Walters.A two-player trick-taking game contributed by Erich Burkhardt.Most of the games on this page have been contributed by their inventors.A game for four (or three) players using dominoes and dice, by Joel Zimmerman.Stoddard, in which cards are added and subtracted to match dice rolls.

A Train variant by Steve Shafer, using a double 9 domino set.A two-player game by Jesse Weinstein, in which each simultaneously plays five cards at a time, with the object of winning the majority of the comparisons.Saiba sobre mãos e valores de poker em jogos disponíveis na PokerStars, incluindo Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud e mais. Saiba mais informações aqui.A plain-trick game in which the high bidder chooses a partner by calling a trump.

Rules for a series of hands of Spades each with different constraints on the bidding or play.A shared card poker variant by H. G. Weissenberger in which sequences of three or more cards of the same colour beat normal poker hands.

The aim is, over a period of days, to get rid of your cards, mainly by giving them to other people, following the instructions printed on them.A shedding game for 2-4 players by Aviad Shani, in which players get rid of cards onto two play piles.A straightforward game by William Malloy in which players race to make pairs from cards in their hands.A game by Zachary Franciscus in which players play simultaneously, trying to get rid of their cards by adding them to piles according to certain rules.

A game for 2-4 players by Igor Alba, in which players try to avoid penalty points for closing sequences.

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A two-player game of rapid calculation, created by Jack Boettcher.A rummy variant for two players by Matthew Shields, where negotiation and bluff are elements of play.A version by Darrin Berkley in which each player plays his or her own hand and one partly exposed dummy hand.

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Lower Euchre is a trick-taking game for three players using rest of the deck: the 24 unused lower cards and two jokers.A somewhat intricate showdown game by Richard and Robert Peluso in which players try to form sets of cards of the same suit.A War variation by Jesse Weinstein and Nancy Fuller in which cards are played three at a time.A game of luck, in which you hope not to turn over jynxed cards.

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A game by Jeep Barnett in which players play cards from 3-card hands to seize and collect booty.Variations of the popular game President, contributed by Colin Nielsen and Martin Hulsman.A mixture of Japanese Napoleon and Michigan, contriuted by Vincent Pressicaud.

A draw and discard game by Richard Smith in which players must acheive an exact point count of red and black cards to avoid losing a life.Alabama casinos and gambling information including poker tournaments, slots info, pari-mutuel (dogs & horses), texas hold'em, and more. Find contact information and.A game for one player by Joseph Smith, in which the player tries to guess the order of cards in a shuffled deck.