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Only difference is that Lightning Paw is just a smidge larger than Ashtail.An extremely easy pet to get and so rewarding too I found mine at 23.6,76.6 took 5 mins to find him.

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Celestial Weapons - Final Fantasy X:. then a bit northeast from the Save Sphere. When you see a fallen lightning tower examine it with the Square button.He was tamed before that at 9:10am server time, to give an idea of this particular time frame.

Once I found him I cleared a path for my level 13 hunter and found out that you have to be a Minimum of Level 17 to tame him.Just tamed like two minutes ago at the 24, 39 bush on Stormrage-US.I LOVE that they used the nicer looking kind of transparency effect.He was in the bush, NPC scan did not go off until I targeted him with my macro target.Used a target macro, once targeted my Silver Dragon addon went off.In addition as a spirit Beast you will get Spirit Mend however your pet will not get this ability until it is level 20 along with Spirit Walk.

You can tame him in Marksmen spec, as i just found out by accident.Come and play the Lightning Gems slot on your mobile, tablet or desktop. Land 3x or more Blue Diamond Scatters triggers 10 free spins.

Went afk for a bit, came back and I had just been at the bush Lightning Paw was in, it was my starting point area, made my way around running to the others (im on a lvl 20 so no flying) and by the time I got back to the bush by the outhouse, he was there.I had noticed that a lot of comments said that Lightning Paw spawned there.I can say it did not pick him up but the Flare worked like a charm.Just got him on Silvermoon at: 24.33 39.73 Server time 9:53 am.Tamed on Thrall-US at 11:48 server time at the 16, 54 point by the outhouse.Tamed Lightning Paw on black dragonflight US server at 10:38 pm at 30,41 so it should be in graveyard 4-8 hours from now.I believe this specific spirit beast can actually be tamed as low as 20.LIGHTNING LINK SLOT MACHINE BONUS. NG Slot • lightning link slots,lightning link slot wins. of wins and bonuses on lightning link, lock.

I just tamed him 5 minutes ago on Thrall-US 12:00 noon Central time.Caught him after spending all night waiting, 16,60 bush near the road at 5:55am AEST on Oceanic.Also thanks to all the guys that posted way points here and on Youtube.Timer Info: While I have heard rumours of as little as 2-3 hours and as much as 12 hours, he has VERY consistently spawned between the 6-7 hour markers.

My friend on Eitrigg offered to come help me scout, even though the place was still mobbed with at LEAST one hunter in each bush.So far from what I have seen, it is 100% random and unaffected by any external methods.I still followed behind and checked them anyways, because you can never be too careful.I submitted a screenshot that shows his lightning and that he is transparent even when NOT Spirit Walking.

Tamed at 4:30pm server time on Argent Dawn, at coords 16.25, 60.04 in the bush by the road.Bush near the 1st building in the left (underneath the V in Raven Hill.Once by the outhouse, and never got a hit at any of the other hot spots.Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar™. Listen to Lightning Audio while charging your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.I landed in bush, tabbed out for a minute to read forums to see if there was anything new, tabbed back in and pressed my macro and there he was.standing in bush I was standing in.Two seconds later another hunter showed up and I told them I just tamed it but wished them luck.

I used SuperDuperMacro to get ALL the spawn points into 1 macro.Tamed on Outland EU at 7:30pm server time, at 16.3, 60.2, in the bush att he roadside below Raven Hill.For Dark Souls II on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Location of lightning spear".

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Once I hit tab, NPC Scan went off and I immediately hit tame.

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For those of you who have killed this beauty(or any other hunter pet rares, such as Skoll ) with no care in the world for others and their goals, you should be ashamed of yourselves, and I genuinely hope that all of your dreams get crushed.Absolutely thrilled, have been wanting a fox spirit beast for years.Precision machined from 7000 series aluminum it provides secure remote anchoring through the hitching slot, or can be used. The Lightning Hook from Sterling Rope.